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Deep Expertise

Cloud infrastructure, managed and transformed.

Building expertise in-house to manage one or more public clouds can be challenging. Faptic Technology has deep expertise across all three major providers.

Managing and operating mission critical 
                    cloud infrastructire
Managing and operating mission critical 
                        cloud infrastructire

Application development, cloud-native and cloud-optimised

We deliver a full software development lifecycle, mobilising agile teams to quickly iterate on business requirements.

Data and Insights

Faptic Technology supports several best-in-class data management and data insights platforms. Our team design and implement data strategies that transform the way you ingest, use and present data.

Managing and operating mission critical 
                        cloud infrastructire
Managing and operating mission critical 
                        cloud infrastructire

Strategic Business Change

Innovation cannot happen without change. Faptic Technology can help improve business performance and the pace of innovation with our senior business change leaders that have proven operating experience.

Expertise and Partners

Cloud Platforms

Google Cloud

Data Platforms

Tableau Software
Snowflake Software
SnapLogic Software
Assess Secure Manage Refactor Optimise
  • Assess
  • Transform
  • Manage
  • Optimise

Cloud Management

Our engineers can assume management of your cloud infrastructure and ensure it is effectively managed.

Cloud Migration

Our engineers can migrate on-prem workloads to cloud or move from cloud-to-cloud platform.

Cloud Optimisation

Migrating mode 1 applications to the Public cloud means you don't get all the benefits. With Faptic Technology, you can transform your applications to mode 2.

Cloud Security

Faptic Technology uses a variety of best-in-class tooling and engineering expertise to manage and secure your infrastructure and applications.

Cloud Data

Faptic Technology data engineers and architects can aggregate, clean and transform your data, building pipelines that deliver real-time business insights.

Cloud FinOps

Managing complex consumption models can be a challenge, especially across platforms. Faptic Technology ensures that you get the most from your cloud spend.

Vision and Values

To provide our clients with the
power of agility

Our Core Values


  • - Do what's right, always
  • - Deliver on trust
  • - Are balanced and fair
  • - Friendly, sharing and supportive


  • - Adapt and overcome
  • - Explore fully
  • - Are enduring and committed
  • - Embrace mistakes to get better
  • - Rest and have fun, but never quit


  • - Prioritise creating customer value and quality
  • - Constantly┬ádevelop our expertise
  • - Are solution and progress orientated
  • - Are smart, lean and efficient